Without implants

Full dentures

Traditional full dentures rehabilitate a completely edentulous jaw

Its removable nature facilitates daily maintenance and allows adjustments to promote comfort.

The denture has the advantage of being aesthetic, economical and quickly realizable.

If desired, the full denture can be inserted immediately after tooth removal so that the patient does not have to leave the practice without teeth. In this case we speak of an immediate denture..

Partial prosthesis

This prosthesis replaces only the missing teeth in a jaw.

Its removable nature facilitates daily maintenance.

This prosthesis is easily repairable and is expandable : teeth that are later removed can be added to the prosthesis.

Valplast® flexible partial denture

Thanks to its elasticity, this dental prosthesis is very comfortable to wear.

The clamps of a flexible prosthesis are practically invisible, which makes a Valplast® prosthesis very aesthetic.

Partial skeletal prosthesis

This prosthesis consists of an alloy of chromium and cobalt, making it both robust and lightweight.

Its maximally reduced size makes it comfortable to wear. Hence it’s an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth in the lower jaw where it is not disturbant to the tongue.

With Implants

Snap-In denture

The Snap-In denture is a removable dental prosthesis that snaps onto implants.

Once snapped in place, it is stable and there is no risk of losing it.

This allows the patient to speak, eat and laugh with confidence.

It is the most affordable implant-based prosthesis.

Stabilized prosthesis on CAD/CAM custom bar

The stabilized prosthesis on Cad/Cam custom bar is an innovative, high-tech solution ("Computer aided design/Computer aided manufacturing").

A titanium bar is digitally produced to perfectly fit the shape of the jaw containing four implants.

The prosthesis is then attached to the bar using clamps.

This technique provides better distribution of chewing forces, increasing comfort and functionality.