First, it's our premier selective floor, located at No. 57 Belgiëlei (same building as 57A, left door with intercom).

You take the elevator (or stairs) to the first floor... the waiting room - equipped with Wi-Fi - is at the end of the corridor.

Personalized welcome, four ultra-modern dental chairs.

Specialized treatments and non-refundable care.

Prosthetics, implants, endodontics.

Except for medical reasons, children under 16 are not admitted.

Belgiëlei 57 — 2018 Antwerpen


A large villa north of Brussels, in an enclosed area where parking is very easy (clos Jecta, 7).

Where everything is luxury, calm, and pleasure: a magnificent waiting room with a giant screen and Wi-Fi, surrounded by a garden, overlooking the Dieleghem forest.

Four dental chairs, a dental laboratory in the basement.

The true house of prosthetics and implants where dentist David Hatzkevich receives you privately.

Jectagaarde 7 — 1090 Brussel

Premium equipment

In these clinics, the most modern equipment is reserved for you: SIRONA dental chairs, Cone Beam CBCT, (to be completed).

Our best dentists and our best assistants.