YES.... we are the real, genuine DENTAL CLINICS

Founded in 1997 by dentist David Hatzkevich, himself an immigrant from Russia.

YES, we believe in a multicultural society — and that's our strength !

We recruit the best dentists from all over the world ; all are accredited by INAMI /RIZIV.

They all wear uniform as do our dental assistants led by Svetlana Lebon and Luiza Kachian.

We speak all languages and will always understand you.... in English and the Belgian national languages, but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Arabic.

We cover the entire spectrum of dental care, from simple scaling to the most sophisticated dental implants.

Not forgetting, of course, orthodontics for children and adults, which is very much in demand today.

Our equipment

Our substantial turnover enables us to purchase — and therefore make available to you — the best and most modern German and American dental equipment…

To treat you better !

In particular, we have several CONE BEAMs that produce 3D "cuts" of your maxillaries; their software enables us to guide your implant rehabilitation within 1/10mm.

All our dental equipment is top-of-the-range, made by SIRONA (ex-SIEMENS).

For fixed prosthetics, we use intra-oral scanners (digital impressions), making paste impressions superfluous and guaranteeing perfect fit and seating of your zirconium crowns and bridges.

All our X-ray equipment is, of course, digital and approved by the AFCN / FANC which guarantees both minimal exposure to radiation and perfect images, immediately available for consultation at all our centers in Brussels and Antwerp.